So, you’re interested in booking a Wedding Photographer for your ‘Big Day’?

The Wedding Day

How I work…

When shooting your special day, I try and be as discreet as possible. I don’t want to get in peoples way or intrude upon their personal space and so prefer to shoot a lot of the moments from a distance using a tele-photo zoom lens. This results in capturing the emotions of the day without being noticed. This is especially good for those guests who may be camera-shy and don’t like the camera in their face…let’s face it, not many of us like having our photographs taken.

I will spend the day walking amongst guests and also taking moments to shoot table details, flower arrangements and any other objects and scene’s that you want captured.

Obviously, during the day I will shoot posed shots of the bride & groom, close family, friends and any other group shots you may wish.

Note: Please try and allocate a good period of time out of your day for the family and group shots. Ideally around 2 hours.
If your venue is in low light or indoors with no natural light, the images produced will have a slight deterioration in sharpness due to higher ISO’s needed from the camera.

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