Rachael and Allastair asked me to be their Logie Country House Wedding Photographer and I was delighted to say yes.

The happy couple are from Aboyne and chose Logie Country House as their wedding venue. Who can blame them! Logie Country House is a house dating back to 1682 and sits on an estate that dates back to 1492!

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer

Morning preparations at Logie Country House

Finding your way around Logie Country House is tricky to begin with. Rachael and her Bridesmaids and close family are in the Honeymoon Suite enjoying a glass of fizz.

Rachael is sitting in the make-up chair, glass in hand. She has her young Daughter on her lap and they both enjoy some laughter and games together.

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer

The large bath in the en-suite is a great focal point so we arrange to get the girls in the tub. This is something Rachael insists on during the morning and I am only too happy to assist with.

As the morning continues I go to see the lads who are gathering in the games room. Allastair’s friends enjoy a game of pool. I grab some preparation shots as everyone gets ready.

Final morning preparation shots ahead of the ceremony

It’s almost time to head to the ceremony room but before I do I grab some quick shots.

Rachael has her wedding dress on. The atmosphere is slightly tense as Rachael is nervous she might get emotional. It turns out to be her Dad who is a bit emotional. Who can blame him, the Bride looks stunning in her dress.

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer: The Wedding Ceremony

It’s time for everyone to take their seats for the main event, the wedding ceremony. Allastair and his guests and family are already in the ceremony room awaiting the Bridal arrival.

I take this opportunity to grab some quick photos of the Groom and Best Man as they make final alterations. The celebrant asks everyone to rise in anticipation of Rachael’s arrival as the bagpipes play outside.

Wee girl pulls a face at Logie Country House Wedding

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer

Family and group photos at Logie Country House

Before we know it the ceremony is at an end and the newly weds are ready to walk up the aisle.

Whilst the happy couple enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne with their guests, I set-up for the family and group photos.

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer

Once the group photos are done I concentrate on the list of family photos supplied ahead of the wedding. I always ask couples to provide a list of posed photos with family and friends ahead of the wedding. This allows me to manage time so that on the day we know how much time to set asside.

Mr & Mrs Portraits

It may be February but there is still some colour to be found in the grounds of Logie Country House. The snowdrops are out so i use them as a focal point when capturing the couple shots.

Despite it being the Winter there are some nice colours in the beach hedge surrounding the House. The Orange tones introduce a warmth to the photos.

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer

The Speeches and Dances

As the evening approached it was time to gather in the dining room for the speeches. First up is the Groom Allastair. After the formalities that come with the Groom’s speech came the Best Man, Keith.

He was straight into the jokes, a lot of which were at the expense of the Groom. That’s to be expected though and Allastair took it all in his stride…almost all.

Evening Dances at Logie Country House

It was time for the evening dances at Logie. First up ofcourse was the newly weds who began by cutting their wedding cake. Then onto the first dance.

Before long, everyone was up and giving it some moves on the dancefloor. Allastair was really getting into the swing of things as was Rachael and all the guests.

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer

Super hero photos for the groom

Allastair had mentioned he and his mates would be wearing super hero t-shirts under their wedding clothes. This got me thinking that I could create a dramatic night shot using flashes and creative photography and smoke.

I was pretty pleased with how the shot came out and of course Allastair was absolutely delighted with the shot.

It rounded off a great day at Logie Country House and I can’t wait for my next wedding there!

Logie Country House Wedding Photographer

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