Sat at the top of the Great Glen lies Loch Ness. This is the location Tania & Stewart chose to get married. I was there to capture their Loch Ness Wedding Photography.

With just their two young children and their best friends, the happy couple chose Dores Beach on the East end of the Loch to tie the knot.

Groom gets emotional seeing his wife to be for the first time ahead of their Loch Ness Wedding.

Tania and Stewart’s Inverness Preparations

Before descending on the banks of Loch Ness, Tania and Stewart got preparations under way at a lovely guest house in Inverness.

Balloan Cottage in the Slackbuie area of Inverness was the perfect place for Tania and Stewart. With the added bonus that there were some beautiful Garden areas nearbye to get some relaxed, informal shots of everyone before and after the ceremony.

Down to Dores Beach for the Loch Ness Wedding Ceremony

Everyone left the apartment and headed down to Dores Beach for the Wedding Ceremony.

Stewart and his Son, Jamie went first whilst Tania and the Girls waited behind to make their entrance. The wind was fairly brisk for a Summer’s day but not entirely surprising. Dores Beach faces directly down the Great Glen and Loch Ness. It can be rather exposed when the wind gets up.

Windy on Loch Ness

Despite it being July, the wind was proving problematic for Tania who was trying to keep her hair and bouquet intact. But it helped keep the wedding ceremony light-hearted and cheery. Everyone was having a laugh as they held onto their things in the brisk wind.

Loch Ness Wedding Photography

Loch Ness Wedding Photography

Wedding on Dores Beach

Wedding at Dores Beach, Loch Ness

When working on Loch Ness Wedding Photography you’re always reliant on the weather. It’s also important to find a suitable spot where you get some sort of privacy. It is a public Beach after all.

Tania and Stewart had a wonderful Loch Ness Wedding and despite the wind, it stayed more or less dry for the duration.

Wedding Couple standing on banks of Loch Ness
Loch Ness Wedding Photography

Tania & Stewart Couple Photos in Inverness

We all returned back to Inverness to warm up and to get some more photos. The neighbours of Balloan Cottage were kind enough to allow us to use their Garden for some final shots of the happy couple.

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