As destination weddings go in the Scottish Highlands, an Applecross wedding has to be up there as one of the most beautiful.

The drive to Applecross over the Beallach Na Ba is one of the most dramatic drives in the UK. As you wind your way up the hair pin bends into the clouds you could be mistaken for thinking you’re in a totally different part of the world. Especially if you’re faced with the common mist that often greets drivers as they climb the mountain.

Applecross Wedding Photography

Applecross Wedding Preparations at Eagle Rock

Dan and Emma are keen climbers and mountaineers so Applecross is the perfect choice for their 2023 wedding. They book some 5-star accommodation at the stunning Eagle Rock in Applecross. A luxurious self-catering house on the Applecross peninsula, it looks out over the sea to the Isle of Skye.

Dan and Emma’s families get ready. The sun is shining which, if you know the West Coast of Scotland, isn’t guaranteed so a real bonus. Dan chills with his Brother-In-Law Ross whilst Emma drinks Prosecco with her Bridesmaids in the dining room.

As the men begin to get their gear together, the Women are in full wedding preparation mode. Whilst the drinks are flowing, the atmosphere is exciting and the sunshine is helping to keep spirits up.

Dressed and ready to go to Applecross

Finally the hour is upon us and it’s time to depart Eagle Rock for the Church in Applecross. Dan and the men are making their way down the hill to the sea front and to Clachan Church on the shores of Applecross Bay. Emma and her Bridesmaids remaining at the house and enjoying some girl time together.

Everyone to the Church!

Father of the bride waiting to enter church for the Applecross Wedding

With the sun beating down on Clachan Church, it’s time to get under way. Emma’s father is clearly nervous and eager to get things moving. Dan the Groom is sitting with his Best Man and Ushers whilst the crowd sit patiently waiting for the Bride to make her entrance.

This location is new to alot of the guests. The Bride’s guests travelling from the South of England and the Groom’s from Bermuda. It’s truly a multi-national gathering and for everyone, a real joy to be here in the Scottish Highlands.

Applecross Wedding Photography
Wedding couple and minister having a laugh
First kiss for the newly weds

Group Wedding Photos at Clachan Church in Applecross

With the weather being so favourable we decide to have have the group photos nearbye. Dan and Emma are keen to have the Cuillin Mountain Range in the background and so I suggest us have the photos at the end of the road to Clachan Church.

This is also handy as it means everyone is nearbye and ready rather than driving to another location.

Group Wedding Photo at Clachan Church, Applecross

Wedding Party flashing their kilts to passing motorbike

Dan and Emma’s couple photos on the Bealach na Bà

Dan and Emma are keen mountaineers.

So what better location then than at the top of one of the most famous mountain passes in the country, the Bealach na Bà Pass.

The steep crags and vast glens make it a dream for capturing wedding photos of the newly weds. We walk the short distance to get an elevated spot looking down the Glen. There’s a small Lochan too which provides us with some opportunities for reflections.

Back to the village for a Ceilidh!

We head back to the Applecross Community Hall for the wedding reception. The festivities begin with the speeches before everyone settles down to some delicious food. I have the chance to have a well earned rest before preparing my equipment for the first dances.

The band are ready to start and everyone awaits Dan and Emma to take the floor. Within a couple of minutes the floor is full of wedding guests dancing and twirling with varying degrees of competence.

Dan at one point lifts Emma above his head in a clearly rehearsed move. This had the wedding party gasp as his athletic prowess was put to it’s test as he pirouetted around the hall floor.

Final Sunset shots of Emma & Dan

As the night continued it was nearing my time to pack up and call it a day. I had lots of fantastic action shots from the dance floor so I was happy. As i left the hall to load the car I could see that the sun was setting.

It was a final opportunity to take Dan & Emma out of the hall for a couple of shots overlooking the village and the nearbye sea. We went for a short walk in the Summer breeze before I left them to their evening.

If you are planning a wedding in Applecross or anywhere on the West coast of Scotland, please get in touch here.

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